Welcome to the team Nara

Nara is the latest addition to Adam Taylor ARCHITECTURE. She comes from Sao Paulo, Brazil and has always had aspirations of being an Architect. “I used to play with lego a lot when I was younger and would tell my parents I would design houses one day”.


From a country of respectable architecture, she believes her appreciation for arts started when she was very young due to her family’s strong connection to music, dance, painting and crafts. “Being involved in a variety of different arts genres is a great gift one can carry. What really seduces me about architecture is its depth. The mixture of feelings and human behavior created by form.”

Nara’s been living in NZ since 2008. Back then she had no plans to stay in kiwiland for so long, she was only supposed to travel around the country for 6 months. “I was half-way through my architectural degree and had never considered settling out of Brazil but I kept stretching my stay here.” She started her architectural degree at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, Sao Paulo which she cross-transferred to Christchurch’s Polytechnic and graduated in 2014. Mount Maunganui is where she calls home now, after living in Christchurch for nearly 7 years where she met her fiance Daniel.

“I’m really excited to be working with Adam and the team. Adam Taylor ARCHITECTURE is a respected firm in the Bay of Plenty and have designed stunning houses, that I’m now proud to be part of.”

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