Tauranga. Allum

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Waterfront renovation with a truly bespoke design. ‘We don’t want one of those monochrome homes that are popping up all over the show’. Dream brief. Design investigations referenced Palm Springs embracing the period detailing of the original dwelling. Breeze blocks are used as a design motif throughout. The pattern creates harmony and continuity from the absolute extremities of the site through to the heart of the home being the kitchen. Unlike most landscape plans, it is the glue that holds this design together, as opposed to an afterthought. A series of linked platforms integrate the pool to both levels of living spaces and dilate the view. Open plan but clearly defined spaces inside and out. Architectural and not at all typical.


ATA coordinated a comprehensive site development with industry professionals at the top of their game. This included a complex slope stability assessment, feasibility study and redeveloped title for subdivision. Resulting in the re-positioning of the drive, access and garaging. Stay tuned for construction updates.


Construction by Riordan Construction Ltd.