Mt Maunganui. Goodchild

116-RanchRd-02.jpg116-RanchRd-04.jpg116-RanchRd-01.jpg116-RanchRd-12.jpg116-RanchRd-15.jpg116-RanchRd-20.jpg116-RanchRd-10.jpg116-RanchRd-24.jpgGoodchild concept.jpgGC cladding.jpg116-RanchRd-28.jpgGoodchild OG.jpgGoodchild sketch.jpg

The Goodchild’s renovation brief was simple. Give us a sense of openness and space, fit for our family. Done. Spaces to eat, play, work and hang. No fragile materials were used so no need to be precious. Walk from the beach into your living area with sandy feet and wet bathers. Natural materials throughout reference the original home and ground this architectural mash-up.


Construction by Fenton Building Ltd.