Jamee Taylor is marketing and design.

Jamee Taylor is marketing and design. The other half of Adam Taylor ARCHITECTURE, Jamee has a background in Marketing particularly the digital kind. She also has a love of architecture, interiors and furniture design. Lucky for us. Managing our website, Facebook page, Instagram account, LinkedIn profile, e-newsletter, events, advertising, and the dreaded administration that goes with owning your own business keeps her pretty busy.


Prior to coming in boots-and-all to the Adam Taylor ARCHITECTURE team Jamee was the Digital Marketing Specialist for a national Agri-business. There she managed 6 websites, social media, mobile, and all other things digital.


Design is also close to her heart. Adam and Jamee have morphed into quite the design duo when it comes to architecture, interiors and furniture design. In their own housing developments and renovations they work together on all aspects of the project. Adam is quite comfortable telling people it is Jamee’s eye for style and design that gives a space a ‘feeling’ when you enter. Jamee has a natural understanding of material composition, compatibility and context. She thinks “it’s important for someone to instantly ‘get you’ when they come into your home particularly your living room. Together, Adam and I do that.”


Jamee is also mum to Agnes-Rose aka AR aka Agapantha aka the Panther. Not many 15 month olds would have quite so many nick-names but if you met this little pocket-rocket you would understand why. She makes our faces hurt from laughing everyday with the things she comes up with. A friend of ours summed her up beautifully “She’s definitely full of spirit”.


When the business to-do-list is in a manageable state (lets face it it is never ever done), the Panther is at Granmums and Adam is out surfing she loves nothing more than a walk up the mount, a wine with girlfriends or going out for a meal with her husband (once back from surfing). Hell, if time permits, all of those things would be nice!


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