Introducing Nick Harrison.

Nick Harrison is anything but your typical small town guy. He is broad and worldly in his thinking. Dedicated to and driven by the design process. Born in Whanganui and raised in the Hawkes Bay where he met his wife Sarah, Nick has been a Bay of Plenty local for 7 years. Taylor, their 1 year old daughter, is his world. So working at Adam Taylor Architecture was written in the stars.


He designed his dream home at 7 years old. Impressive. It included a slide from his bedroom to Mc Donalds and Burger King. Awesome. Nick spent a few years installing central heating and solar systems which has stood him in good stead regarding the practical aspects of high performance and sustainable home design.


He gravitates to natural honest materials and interesting spaces with complex details. “Architecture is such a huge part of our everyday lives and the possibilities are endless. I love the process of creating a home that promotes and encourages how the occupant intends to live their best life.” Having purchased their first home in 2016 it’ll be interesting to see if the Macca’s slide makes the cut in the renovation budget.


Nick graduated first in his year – equal to Sam which makes for good office banter. He started his career at Brendon Gordon Architecture. Early in his architecture career he was looking through some old high school reports and stumbled across a comment from a graphics teacher “Nick should consider a career in design”. He wishes he had stumbled across that report a few years earlier and saved himself some time. Well Nick we think it’s all worked out pretty bloody perfectly.

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