Hi I’m Aaron.

Hi I’m Aaron, the newest on the ATA block.


I showed an interest in architecture and design when I was young, creating cantilevered Lego houses off my dad’s workbench. I went on to study at Tauranga Boys’ College where I won multiple design awards. This led to me gaining qualifications in both architectural design and graphic design. I’ve worked on building sites so understand the practical side of creating a home as well as the conceptual. Six months in Europe during my OE solidified my passion for Architecture and I was ready to get my hands dirty.


I’m inspired by people with fire in their belly and the drive to make things happen. People also inspire my design. Design that moves you yet shows restraint without compromising functionality. I’ve worked for some of the top architectural firms locally and in Melbourne where my projects garnered awards and TV coverage. With over a decade in the industry I became stagnant in my personal growth. I took the bull by the horns and made the move to Adam Taylor Architecture (ATA) where I’m paving the way as Office Manager.


I’m mad on motorbikes, a shared love with my dad which started when I was five and continues today. We work together instructing riders every other weekend. My partner Vicki and I enjoy riding bikes together when we manage to get time away from our two year old son “Ryder”. Who we are, as you can imagine, very proud of! Born in Tauranga and now a proud Maketu local, we spend lots of time at the beach with our dogs Xan and Kit. The four day week at ATA allows us to enjoy quality time together as a family.


Fast forward five to ten years and I see myself with ATA making waves within our industry, being nationally recognised for what people have come to expect of ATA – design that excites and inspires that hasn’t been done before. We only have one life, so its up to ourselves to make things happen.


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