Create your own herb wall

Say no to tasteless store-bought herbs and create your own herb wall


Goodbye boring fence

There is no better way to dress up a boring old fence than with a few herbs in simple little pots. Adam would hate me calling the fence boring as he spent hours building it, and in fairness the wood came from my grandfather’s farm so it is actually pretty special. I do love the fence, don’t get me wrong, but I think the herbs take it to another level.


Style and purpose

Not only do the herbs look great they have made our meals taste so much better. Like many of you, our pantry was filled with those little cardboard boxes full of dull dry tasteless herbs that we add to our meals for a bit of zing or zest or extra hit of ‘flavour’. Since having our own vertical herb garden we have thrown out those horrible little boxes and now enjoy meals with fresh herbs that do deliver flavour that those little cardboard boxes promise to, but never do.


Experiment with herbs

When we were creating our herb wall we went along to our local garden centre and started picking out the herbs that we know and love: rosemary, sage, mint, coriander etc. Whilst channeling my inner green-finger goddess I discovered that there are quite a few herbs I have never seen before so I put them in our trolley and planted them in amoungst the other 20 or so others. The herbs have been growing strong for a few months now and it’s time we got experimenting with recipes instead of sticking to the tried and true ones. Although you can’t really beat fresh basil pesto.

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